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Help & Rules



Please note that the web browser version can be used with different operating systems such as Mac OS and most versions of Linux.

We suggest the following minimum system and software settings:

Supported browsers

Windows - Internet Explorer 6 and above. Mozilla Firefox 1.X, Opera 7.54 and above

Mac - Safari 2.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 1.X

Browser requirements

JavaScript, Cookies enabled

Java installed and enabled

Flash plug-in installed

Downloadable Client

Windows (2000 or better)

400 MHz+ Pentium II with at least 512 MB RAM

Login by clicking FILE>Login

Upon your first login you will be asked to register a poker nick name, which will be shown at the tables. In order to protect your privacy and account security we strongly advise you to select a nick different from your username.

To take your seat at a table click on “seat open” or register for an upcoming tournament. You will be taken to your seat automatically, as soon as the tournament starts.

In cash games you will be dealt your first hand as soon as it is your turn to pay the blinds, unless you select to pay the blind immediately and jump straight into the game without waiting.

Now relax, put your best poker face on and enjoy!




At Bet1128 we believe that players in an online poker room should maintain the etiquette and the conduct that would be deemed acceptable and appropriate in a live poker game. Poker is a social game and the following rules are intended to keep it that way. Players failing to adhere to the following rules and conditions may have their chat privileges disabled on a temporary or permanent basis.

  1. Players must not use threatening or abusive language including racist or anti-religious remarks.
  2. Players may not offend or bully a player in an effort to make them leave a table.
  3. Players may not reveal information regarding their hole cards (even if they have folded) whilst a hand is in progress.
  4. Players may not comment or advise on any hand in progress, this includes observing players.
  5. Players may not agree to exchange funds over the tables (chip dumping). Bet1128 reserves the right to freeze accounts involved in chipdumping and also to confiscate funds held in such accounts.
  6. It is strictly forbidden for a player to play at the same table with different nicknames used at different sites within the network. It is also forbidden to join the same tournament with different nicknames.
  7. Advertising or any other form of marketing from players is not allowed.

Violation of any of the above will result in either a warning, suspension of chat facilities, permanent removal of chat facilities, suspension of playing privileges, or permanent removal of playing privileges.

If you have any questions regarding the chat rules please don’t hesitate to contact us at:  info@1128.com

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