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Bet Acceptance

CenturionBet Ltd. will only accept bets made online and bets will not be accepted in any other form. The following rules will apply to the accepting of bets:

  • You must make sure that the details of your bets are correct because once they have been placed with us and accepted, they cannot be cancelled or changed by you.
  • Bets will not be considered as accepted until they are reviewed by our Odd Compilers. For which confirmation may be obtained by accessing the betting list from your gaming account. Only in such cases the coupon is considered as accepted.
  • Should any dispute arise regarding bets placed online, then the transaction log in the database will be examined and this will determine the dispute.
  • CenturionBet Ltd. reserves the right to refuse all, or part, of any bet requested without notification.
  • It is at the Account Holder’s discretion to ensure whether a bet was accepted or refused.
  • CenturionBet Ltd. reserves the right to suspend a market at any time.
  • Bets will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Customers must register their bet requests as individuals. Repeated requests containing the same selections from the same or different customers may be subsequently deemed void in the following circumstances:
    • Where CenturionBet Ltd. believes the customers are acting in collusion or as a syndicate.
    • Where bet requests are registered within a short time of another.
  • In any one of the cases CenturionBet Ltd. may pay out only an amount that would have been accepted for one customer placing one bet.
  • CenturionBet Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the whole or part of any bet and to make ambiguous bets void. CenturionBet Ltd. will inform the customer by e-mail, phone or telefax and the intended stake will be left on the customer's betting account. Where a selection is made void, in Single bets the stakes will be returned. In accumulative bets the stake will stand for the remaining selections with a Double becoming a Single, a Treble becoming a Double etc.
  • The “possible winnings” section is for information only and all bets will be settled upon the basis of the stake at the accepted odds.
  • Should your selection include a non-runner or a void selection in a multiple bet, then the bet will be settled on the basis of the remaining selections.
  • We accept bets on all sports and races which are listed on our website and the sports-book section of the site has special Rules for each of these sports and races. All bets are subject to the Rules which apply to each sport. Unless otherwise stated in these special Rules, the result of a sports event or race will be that which is declared by the relevant sport's governing body immediately upon the conclusion of the event. If a subsequent enquiry results in an alteration to the previously declared result, then notwithstanding this outcome, the original settlement of bets will stand. For example, horseracing bets will be settled on the basis of the official result at the weigh-in and will not be affected by any subsequent enquiries.
  • If the venue for any sporting event is changed, then all bets placed prior to the announcement of the change will be void.
  • The times of the events cited on the website are only indicative. It is possible that for some events, various sporting federations may decide to change the time without giving adequate notice. For this reason bets inadvertently placed after the start of an event will be considered invalid, without prejudice to the other events which may be included in a multiple bet.
  • If we find the instructions to be ambiguous and the ambiguity cannot be resolved before the start of the event then we reserve the right to void the bet, win or lose.
  • It is possible for the customer to place bets from the stadium and therefore can have the information before this arrives to the risk department. The live timer is used to ascertain that a bet cannot be placed before a goal or an important event during the match (eg. Sent off).
  • As a rule, the odds are reported to two decimal places. When multiplied they often generate a number beyond the cent. In this case the following rule of rounding is used: 0-4 is rounded to 0; 5 to 9 is rounded up to 1.
  • All bets placed on a bookmaker are a gambling agreement between the bettor and the Company. Up to the time of suspension of bets accepted by Centurionbet, all bets previously placed must be considered as a registered contract and therefore cannot be deleted.
  • Centurionbet reserves the right to cancel a bet in the event that it is placed after the start of an event or at the end of an event, and in the case of repeated bets (when a bet is placed more than once with low stakes with the intent to circumvent the risk limits set by the relevant department).
  • If a bet needs to be evaluated by the trader, Centurionbet reserves the right to reject the bet if the stake is deemed excessive or the bet placed is not aligned with the market.
  • Virtual Sports is a computer generated presentation of a random number draw result, in which the first number generated decides which runner wins the race, the second and third, which ones are placed etc.
  • Betting on Virtual Racing follows the same rules as for football (See section/Sports Help/Sportsbook rules/Football) and for real horse or greyhound racing.
  • Combination Forecast: comprises 2 selections in the same event. You predict which racers will finish in the first 2 positions, in any order of arrival. Winning Forecast bets are calculated with a fixed odd of 2.00, and it’s not available when the number of racers is between 2 and 4.
    Please note: the Single Podium bet must be paired with a Winner bet, in 2 different single bets. The Winner bet can be placed alone.
  • Combination Tricasts: comprises 3 selections in the same event. You predict which racers will finish in the first 3 positions, in any order of arrival. Winning Tricasts bet are calculated with a fixed odd of 6.00, available for events with 8 or more racers.
  • Bet1128 will refund any Virtual Racing bets made on events without results, due to technical circumstances that lie outside our control.
  • Virtual Racing bets will be voided during office hours only
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